Deborah McNally, Psy.D.

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Dr. Deborah McNally

About Dr. McNally

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience working with adults who are dealing with a wide array of issues that impair their ability to function to their full potential or keep them from feeling their best.

Some of these issues include depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief/loss, parenting problems, emotional stress due to life transitions and chronic illness.

I view psychotherapy as a collaborative process in which both the patient and I work together to discover the underlying reasons for particular symptoms or non-productive patterns that have become obstacles to achieving growth and contentment.

In addition I work with many patients who have chronic illnesses, including cancer, to help adapt and cope with the issues that come up surrounding these illnesses. I provide psychotherapy uniquely tailored to the individual and the specific problems within the bounds of a professional as well as safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment.

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Deborah J. McNally, Psy.D.
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